Print Specs

Printed Colours

While we make every effort to minimise colour variation, it is normal that colour will appear different on a computer screen than on a printed piece of paper.

Over time, you may also experience minor variations between print runs. This is due to variations in the paper making process, constraints of printing and different temperatures or humidity. All these factors can have a minor effect on the colour of your finished job.

If you need critical colour, please request a press proof. This is different from a normal proof and you will need to be in-store when it is produced. Please contact us for more details.

PDF Compliance

  1. When submitting PDF files, please ensure all files are flattened (flattening options turned on).
  2. When supplying multiple pages in a PDF, please ensure artwork is 1up on each page.
  3. Files should be supplied in CMYK (not RGB) with a 3mm bleed to each edge with trim marks.
  4. Artwork should be centered in the document.

Font Usage

Please embed or outline all fonts into your PDF.

Graphic / Image Elements

Images should be supplied at 300dpi.
Supply images in CMYK (no RGB, PMS or LAB images).


A 3mm bleed to each edge is required (excluding booklets – see below).
All non-bleed images and text should be at least 3mm from the trim edge.

Folded Booklets

Page creep will occur on all folded booklets (centre pages will be slightly smaller due to the fold) .
Please keep page numbers, images and text at least 10mm from the trims.
Allocate at least 5mm bleed on all booklets.

DL Brochures

Fold panels for 6 page-DL Brochures should be, from left to right, 97-100-100, and for the outside  100-100-97

Black Text Boxes (reversed text)

To print nicely, solid black areas should use 40% Cyan, 40% Magenta, 40% Yellow and 100% Black.

Hardcopy Proofing

We will proof all printing on the same paper stock as the final job.
Proofs should act as a guide only to the colour to be expected from the final print, unless a press proof is requested.

Additions / deletions & corrections for supplied artwork always remains the responsibility of the customer.